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Information for parents.

Dear parents,

The children will be actively using this blog page during the residential visit. There will be photographs of the children taking part in activities as well as some of the work they will produce during their stay.

We request that parents observe the following:

  • Please leave positive comments.
  • Do not use children’s names when commenting on a photograph.
  • When commenting, please use ‘Jamie’s mum’ rather than your surname. This will help to keep personal information safe.
  • Please do not ask questions. Part of the experience is about children gaining independence; they will tell you all about the trip when they get home.

Please note: all comments are moderated and will not appear on the blog immediately.

We will also be using Twitter throughout the visit: Please follow us @TanfieldPrimary or follow this link to our Twitter feed.

Thank you.

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In the Haunted Forest and Hospital by Tamzin

In the Haunted Forest and Hospital!
Kate was walking her dog in the forest and there was a haunted hospital. She went in and she saw the photos coming to life and talking to her . The glass was shattering when she was caring on walking. There were dead nurses on beds and on the floor. There were bullets on the floor and there were cloths on the beds.There were gun shots and people screaming and the dogs were barking because of a robber and they were screaming because he was shooting at them.

Suddenly, something glowing lifted Kate up into the air it was the ghost. Then things were moving and one of the dogs had dis
On Wednesday at Grinton lodge the bell rang for everyone to wake up. Then we came down to the lounge and had a meeting about what to do for the day. Then we went outside and started on planning our sculpture.

Whilst outside one person found footprints in the ground, then one other found 2 blue nerf gun bullets, then Emily found this woolly thing on a tree branch , after that I found a white nerf gun bullet, Just before that a jet came flying past but it was flying so low that it nearly crashed into the side of the hill, before all of this a branch was about to snap with all of the wind last night. Before that Alfie found a gigantic rabbit hole in the ground whilst digging. Then we returned to the lounge to start working on their pic collage.

After all that we went back outside and we were building their sculpture out of natural materials found on or off the ground. Logan’s group made a swirl of rocks and a firework stick. Other groups made other things like Paige’s group made moss trees. Tyler’s group made a bridge. But the one that stood out the most was one that I already said was Paige’s moss trees. After the teachers and I were finished taking pics we all went in.appeared but the leash was still there it was so scary she cried un till he came back she knelt down and said “I am pleased you came back.”Then there were glowing eyes red glowing eyes.She. was scared but not scared enough to scream like a big Baby.
Then so many ghost floated past her. She “said haha so funny you do not scared me you silly thing. “then she spun up side down ahaha I’m so scared and I am going to die.
Tamzin T

The Mansion by Josh C and Benjamin W

The Mansion

All of a sudden, my friend and I entered a cold, frightening and spooky mansion which was abandoned. The old, ancient floorboards creaked as I walked on them. Then, without a warning,a door upstairs slammed and made a loud bang. When we entered the living room the fire went out then we got goosebumps – which freaked us out – later. We heard whispering saying our names…

“Josh….. Josh!”


Suddenly,the tilted paintings on the wall straightened up and the eyes moved and looked at us. Entranced, we saw a black shadow circling us. However, a second after the shadow had gone blood obliterated everywhere me and Josh saw a body lying in front of us.

Trembling, we heard a spook and then we saw the monstrous ghost which had black pointy teeth with blood all over it the eyes were dark red and it looked like we were going to die. Its eyebrows were big and fluffy with red lines running through. He poured water all over us then shoved something in our mouth. Ignoring our instincts, we ran and hid and all of the furniture flipped upside down…

Running, we got our iPhones and called a cab but they wouldn’t pick up ( which was a shame)so we ran as fast as we can. All of a sudden, the white, scary ghost caught us an we were never seen again by human beings…

By Benjamin W and Josh C

On the Moors by Sarah

On the moors.

One night, on the moor there was a girl called Beara Grylls. She emerged from her tent. She had heard a whisper; she looked around. Her eyes locked on a pair of red eyes. Was it a grouse? A skylark? No it couldn’t be! She could not look away. The unblinking eyes were stared at by Beara

Then, a gust of cold air hit her. Sheturned away. When she turned back…Gone! The eyes were gone. She gasped then ran oh how she ran! BANG! “That sounded like a cymbal!” Said Beara. Then “Oooohhhhhh” ” Aaaagggghhhh” …….

She saw it. It was white and almost see-though.There were two gaping holes where here eyes should be along with a head of dark tatty hair. Two ghastly arms reached out and grabbed her she screamed “aaaaagggghhhhhh”

She punched it right in the nose then she ran and ran and ran but then she thought….was she safe?

Sarah AKA Beara Grylls

The Haunted by Faye P

The Haunted

I entered a dark, cold room. As soon as I came in, the lights smashed into tiny little pieces, the blinds began to shut very slowly. The Woden floor board creaked as I stepped across the floor. Then suddenly I heard whispering voices in the background and the floor creaking but I wasn’t moving. I felt extremely scared. I didn’t know what to do, So I ran across the room to the door and I tried to open it but it didn’t open. I smelt some type of oil and it smelt like rotten food.

Back in the house, I saw red eyes across the room so I ran upstairs into a bedroom, but the ghost was still following me. However, something wasn’t right. Then the ghost disappeared and in the corner of the room was a baby doll sitting down on the bed. After a couple of minutes, the eyes started to turn at me and said in a crooked voice
“hello.” Then I ran out of the room and saw a picture on the wall. It was like the picture was watching her. After one hour, she ran down to the kitchen and all of the plates and cutlery were moving. In all of the rooms there was something spooky happening.

Suddenly, the ghost started to talk to me. After we chatted for a little bit I said I was going to leave, so I got up and started walking across to the door. Then once I got to the door the ghost started to chase me around the whole house. It looked like it didn’t have a body. It looked like it was eating a dead body. The ghost was wearing normal clothes like a real person. Its teeth looked like a knife and it had red eyes. Also, it hair that was long, brown tatty hair. I didn’t want to give up on running so I kept on going and I ended up outside. Then I saw a lot of gnomes and I wished not to come out into the garden. The gnomes started to chase me and I couldn’t get out. As I was running a shiver ran down through my back.

Trembling, I was worrying for my safety. As my feet slipped, my foot turned the hose on and it sprayed all of the gnomes away and they all smashed into little pieces. I was struggling to breath because I was getting chased by a ghost. After what seemed like hours, I gazed at the ghost that was right in front of me. Then it disappeared I started to climb over the fence and I got over and fell back in the garden. I think it was a trap so I can’t escape. Then very strangely my visions were blocked and my eyes went all blurry and so I couldn’t see. Then I started to see a little bit but the ghost was black and it was ready to eat me…

Faye P

Wednesday at Grinton Lodge by Jay

Jay has prepared this report about what we have been up to in and around the lodge today:

On Wednesday at Grinton lodge the bell rang for everyone to wake up. Then we came down to the lounge and had a meeting about what to do for the day. Then we went outside and started on planning our sculpture.

Whilst outside one person found footprints in the ground, then one other found 2 blue nerf gun bullets, then Emily found this woolly thing on a tree branch , after that I found a white nerf gun bullet, Just before that a jet came flying past but it was flying so low that it nearly crashed into the side of the hill, before all of this a branch was about to snap with all of the wind last night. Before that Alfie found a gigantic rabbit hole in the ground whilst digging. Then we returned to the lounge to start working on their pic collage.

After all that we went back outside and we were building their sculpture out of natural materials found on or off the ground. Logan’s group made a swirl of rocks and a firework stick. Other groups made other things like Paige’s group made moss trees. Tyler’s group made a bridge. But the one that stood out the most was one that I already said was Paige’s moss trees. After the teachers and I were finished taking pics we all went in.

Spectral by Jet

Spectral by Jet

As I made my way through the creepy old shack in the woods, the shack got bigger and bigger inside. A shadow (what looked like blurry shape of a body) slung across the shack and jump kicked the wall and left a huge hole. Rubble fell on the floor. I had no clue what happened.

I saw the blurriness it had no eyes no nose and no fear it also looked like a glitch. I heard a dinosaur raptor noise I screamed as loud as I could the monster made me whisper. It sent an EMP (electro magnetic pulse) and shut down all the electronic things in the house.

Right then I found out it was a spectre, I knew it was dangerous. It’s heart flashed like an orb. It was as fast as the speed of light. The more souls it absorbs the more power it has.

I ran for my life I hopped on my bike and jumped fore streams. All it had to do was run I left some rocks behind for it I was on the end of a cliff I did not know what to do……..

The Scary House by Ross, Joel and Owen

The scary house

As I entered the dark,mysterious room there was shattered, shiny glass on the floor. I was scared. I heard quiet whispered coming from the attic. In the corner of the room, there was a dead body (which was really spooky) moved side to side. I was feeling scared but wanted to find out more. As soon as I opened the attic door, spirits emerged from the floor boards.

Even though the attic has been there for years, there still is lots of bats. As soon as I heard a noise in the attic, I went down like a flash of lightning. Meanwhile, I was downstairs, I thought I heard my parents fighting in the attic so I rushed into the dusty,creepy attic but there was no one there so I went into my parents room but they were snoring and fast asleep. After I checked on my parents, I went back up to the attic and there were another three dead bodies.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a creature move around me. My heart pounded quickly. I was petrified. As I turned my face I saw… A GIGANTIC MONSTER!!! It had a fluffy haired body, eyes as big as boulders, blood ran down his face from eating humans. Its teeth looked like daggers and they were as sharp as smashed glass. I ran for my life but then it just… Disappeared.

Suddenly, I thought it was gone but when I turned my face it jumped out. It took me to a creepy cave. It was as dark as the night sky. Narrow as a pen. But it was as scary as a dragon den. I felt scared. So I ran away but it grabbed me and knocked me out.
By Joel Ross and Owen

The Sparkling Ghost by Kenzie

The sparkling ghost
As I walked in the deep dark cave I saw a ghost appearing throw the scary garden that when I was sitting down the wind was hitting my arm.Suddenly I walked around the corner and I heard a girl or boy ghost saying I am going to get you then after I ran out side to get away from that scary ghost . Mysteriously I came back and it wasn’t there so i wasn’t scared because I forgot about it so I wasn’t worried.

Outside, a gust of dust fell in my open eye so so I was worried again then my mam said “come hear “come hear then I got scared because i thought it was the ghost .Then I suddenly turned around and my mam was there I said “mam is that you then she said yes i came hear to find my dog so by see you later by I guess you are not scared mam were did you go she did go.Suddenly I thought I could hit the ghost but then I didn’t because I didn’t let other people get heart so I didn’t heart him because i thought to be kind to the ghost even though he scared me.

Appearing throw the bedroom corner I heard a noise that sounded like the ghost was killing someone.Then I when’s in and I saw the ghost with bloody hands and his eyes were like that and it was so scary so I ran away and I shouted help so the ghost didn’t get me but know one heard me because he would of get me.

Previously the ghost still got out to get me but then I heard someone but I thought it was my mam saying I got it to the dog but I think it was the ghost bringing happy because he got a person that he stole .Then I heard a bang noise .what do think was happing in the woods near the cave I was in?

The Demon of Grinton by Kyle and Kane

The daemon of grinton by Kyle,Kane

As I entered grinton it was cold and damp I spotted a window that was smashed so I went in the smashed window.Suddenly I saw red eyes waiting for me… I didn’t know what to do I was panicking with that thing running around running for help but then there was a dead corpse.I realised the thing was in front of me suddenly I turned around and seen another set of eyes.I turned my flashlight on.

Suddenly they both disappeared into thin air. Suddenly I heard whispers coming from outside I went to the window it sounded like a code for a safe to get rid of the daemon it was saying 0936178. that was when the daemon showed up and pushed.me out of the window…suddenly the wind started to speak again saying it’s in the basement suddenly i knew I had suspects witch,wolf,daemon and a land shark.

Suddenly I saw the daemon behind me I turned around and ran down to the basement.at first I saw mama doll toy I found the safe I typed in the numbers in.0936178 I heard a beep and all i found was a ray gun in the safe so I shot the ray gun.

It hit the daemon.Suddenly I ran out the window and everything blowed up…

The Crystal Caves Ghost by Charlie

The crystal caves ghost by Charlie

As I walked into the dark cave the crystals sparkled. Wait. What was that?
I felt some thing run past me. I thought it was the wind but I was too far in to feel the wind. Was the legend of the crystal ghost true? I suddenly heard a small but barely audible voice calling. “Charlie. Charlie. It’s me! you’re in trouble. Run!” It was my mums voice. I was petrified but I had to run as I turned round it was to late. There was this black ghosty figure reaching for me.

I suddenly fainted and woke up at the end of the cave as I ran for the entrance millions of rocks fell and blocked the way oh no I was trapped. I walked over to the corner of the room with my head down. I sat and started to cry. A brown, ancient,wooden door appeared I ran but as I touched it it disappeared. The same door appeared on a different wall but as I touched it disappeared. This happened twelve times and still no lite or luck was found.

The figure appeared once more and said “you shall never escape and once you’r dead your soul will be trapped for ever”.The ghost had red bloody eyes and several scratches and scares. His voice was as frightening as a gigantic spider.

My mouth turned dry. My bones went weak. I was unable to walk it felt as if I had died. I started being pulled down was I dreaming or was I being pulled to hell. Hmmm it was not a dream it was to real for a dream but also I hadn’t done anything bad in my life or had I?

The Horror of the Girl by Emily-Jayne and Paige


Without a warning I rushed to see what that bang was but it was probably a animal because I was in a abandoned hospital.I walked slowly towards the door and all of a sudden I heard from a different room the floor boards creaking. I sure what it was but someone or something was with me. My spine shivered as I walked in the room then I saw dusty old sheets across the floor with creatures crawling on it.

BANG CLATTER!! All I could hear was things smashing and getting through around in the office.There was nobody here accept from me.I was getting scared so I was debating whether I should leave or stay in this scary hospital.I new there was somebody or something with me! From the corner of my eye I had seen something stare at me with yellow beady eyes.As fast as I could I ran out of the hospital and ended up in the courtyard.When I was in the courtyard I could here things whispering I thought it was me whispering but it wasn’t. Who is with me in this hospital??? As I was approaching the beady eyes jumped right at me and I fell back onto my back and fell unconscious. As I was still on the floor the mysterious shadow appeared and picked me up. All of a sudden I woke up and I was in a dark room in a crooked bed.


When I moved closer and closer to the bed I could smell gas coming from a vent. My ears were ringing and I heard foot steps in the distance so I when under the covers to look like I was fast asleep.As I was still pretending to be asleep I heard the footsteps coming closer and closer to me.Then I saw in the black shadow of a needle I got so scared I felt like crying but I couldn’t cry, I had to pretend I was asleep.I felt the breeze of the blanket coming of me, I possibly new he was going to stick this needle into my skin.SUDDENLY, I spotted the door was open so I could escape.I slowly opened my eye so I could see what I was doing.BANG OUT OF NO WERE I rushed to the door and ran for my life.As I was still running I spotted a door witch had the keys in so I can lock whatever is after me.I looked the door and still ran but I was not sure if the door would hold the monster the monster was banging and banging on the door but I was not going to slow down so I will still keep running I could see the monster coming towards me and it had yellow eyes,red horn and its fur was all green. What will happen next????

Emily-Jayne & Paige

Zombie Apocalypse by Alfie and Zakk

Zombie apocalypse.

Danny and Jeff came across a abandoned house.Suddenly Jeff told Danny that he had seen a zombie in the unsteady building.Danny shouted to Jeff that there was a rotten smell of a dead body.We turned right to open the door until something tapped Jeff on the shoulder. Shaking in fear we turned round and nothing was there.

We walked across the corridor in fear and spiders were above us and rats running around. We didn’t know what to do .Our heart was beating so fast. We ran as fast as we could to the back door but it was Locked and baracaded .Arms crawled out of the roof and dragged us up.We got face to face with them and a shiver ran down our spine there breath smelt like rotten flesh.It was a green zombie we ran outside and locked the door.It was the zombie apocalypse.

We ran into Jeff’s house and they kicked the door down and said I will get you.They continue to chase us with their knife’s and shouted at us there was thousands of them.

They wouldn’t stop chasing us! They caught us we new we were dead….

Alfie Zakk

Creeps by Amelia


“Arrrrrrrrrrghhhh you tricked me ” ,Kai replied .Today was my party and my mum bought me a spider card with scary cobwebs in . ” Well that was a good trick , well done mum .” Kai’s sister yelled . It was a dull day in Grinton ,any way I better introduce my self I’m Kai .It was coming 9:00. I whispered”night to the sun and hello to the moon” . Me and my sister hopped in bed and snuggled down .

Suddenly, a crack appeared in the wall, my sister was gone .A ech in the chimney repeated in my mind ” Kai I’m hear”. My picture came alive and my feelings fell .A mysterious body was dead on the floor staining the floor with blood .Immediately, the door handle fell (with a slam ) on the floor with no escape .

With a flash, I was out of bed while whistling wind captured my ears . I felt like I was in a drama scene .I never noticed the dead body was my sister. Tears fell while shadow repeated” Kai I’m hear”. I began to say for my first time “Creeps Village is haunted.”

Shadows multiplied, with a blink there was five . This was the time where worries began .Screams squealed down the corridor of Creeps Village where Grinton stood . My veins were about to pop as all the shadows looked like my dead sister, but it wasn’t. It looked like a girl with black hair over her face with a white dress with drips of blood . I decided to shut my eye in 123.BOOM !! Guess who it was it was my sister.


The Grinto Ghoul by Benjamin J and Tyler C

The Grinton GHOUL!

As I walked into a dark fire lit room, I could already feel the spirits emerging. When you turned your head you could see glass shattering by the minute. If you listened carefully,you could hear the pictures shouting angrily at each other. When you looked down at your feet, you could see spirits emerging from the glass( Which was
shattered from the window). You could hear creaky foot steps sprinting towards you!

When I had got bored of the noises,I went outside. What a mistake that was! What will happen? I knew death was upon us… In the corner of my eye I saw a mysterious reflection on the damp wall but their was no one to reflect it! I thought I was just seeing things but I wasn’t.I went to run inside but I realised there was no door handle! While my heart was pounding I looked back and I jumped out of my goose bumpy skin realising there was red bloody glowing eyes 2 meters away from me this is when I new I was dead…

At ten million miles per hour a ghost was blocking the doorway to the hostel by flying around me. Plus, it had a more blood now than ever before and I found out why… You name it I was bleeding there because the ghost had cut me so many times. When I looked up, I noticed his ugly face. It was the devil and then I found out who summoned it… It was the most evil criminals in the world Harley Quinn and the Joker.
I then noticed it had knives shooting out of its back and realised it was his spine. His teeth were Molten laver squirting out and that’s why it was so hot.

Then I started running for my life not realising it spit lava! That encouraged me to get my trainers dirty and run like U-Saint-Bolt. I was doing 100 meters per second! If you react to violence badly don’t read the rest! Now I ran into a bad situation I was on the edge of a cliff being held at spit point I had 2 options…
1. Fall off he cliff
2. Be roasted by his lava
The answer was neither but good try.
The answer was surf down but I couldn’t swim and I fell into water (spoiler alert I didn’t die)
I got picked up by a life boat and the gosht disappeared. I also never went back to the hostel.

Benjamin J
Tyler C

In the basement by Ebony

In the basement it was dark and spooky.i could see a mysterious person standing there and he diden’t blink . I could hear the floorboard sweeking like a mouse. I felt some one taping me . I could smell dust and it make me sneezed .

Ella was quietly reading up stairs all alone in her home when all of a sudden a fire ball came to attack. Then the windo started to open and close and the taps/bath Started going one and of.

One day later Ella had a night mer .She was home alone it wasen a ghost it was a monster he was huge .He had big brushy eyes brons he was green . His eye coler was black and you could her people say help from his tummy.

Ella escape by chucking water on him he dident like water . He hated water so Ella got a big bucket of water and she escape just in time.


The Grinton Ghoul by Ollie

The Grinton Ghoul

This Grinton Ghoul was scary. I could see ghosts that are white. The ghost was houling. I felt scared.

That tapping noise was really loud. The slamming door was too loud. Those spiders were really scary.

That monster was scary with those enormous eyes. It had a pointy nose. Also his tail is as long as a stick. Then his feet were like lions feet. He also has no ears. Also no hair.

While the monster was asleep, they sneaked past him through the cave.


The Ghost Dog by Logan

The ghost dog

When I woke up I went to do my breakfast i was glad to get out of my room. All of the lights turn off, I groaned, the floor boards moved, I span and span I got dizzy and fell. DIE DIE DIE!!!!! Said a low pitch voice. I ran into the picture and all of the pictures started to tilt and I ran into a wall as if it was to fall but it slammed against the wall.

All I can see was spiders and shadows and the floor boards started to shake and I fell,but the floor boards opens as a trap. And I heard a lighter and all of up stars were on FIRE!

I cerfully went upstairs but I didn’t saw the shadow next to me. Everything shook, I shook in fear. I seen the fire and it went out. The monster came out,it was big,fury and it had a bone in its mouth, it looked like a dog! I ran and the dog chased after me. I went outside and I fell…

I fell off the CLIFF!!!!! Luckily I had my phone and called 999! And I was in hospital and never to return.


The Blob by Ella D

The Blob by Ella D

On a dark , frosty night (on the moors of Scotland) a girl named Lilly Ann Waterson was waking through the long thick grass. The grass scratched and it hit Lilly Ann’s cold open legs then, all of a sudden someone or something was with her. But what was it a cat that had gone the wrong way home or was it a fox on the hunt for a twelve year old girls stark naked legs or was it even a bear trying to eat her? Then,Lilly Ann heard screams all around of women, children and men .What was going on ? Lilly Ann thought for a second animals don’t make that kind of noise what was going on she wanted to fling out . Then Lilly Ann could taste her own sweat then green sloppy slime what was this creature or was it not a creature. She felt someone or something on her shoulder when she turned round to get what ever it was it had gone the noises and the monster or had it.

The next day Lilly Ann was out for a walk with her dog it was nice and sunny and she had just had breakfast before setting of she still remembered last night but she thought it was just a dream so she didn’t care. Then it went dark Lilly Ann was a bit confused but carried on walking, she felt a cold breeze which turned into a chill like. She was in a freezer or something. It roared like a lion and howled like a wolf were all the creatures coming to get her and trying to kill her only the thing new

Then finally out of the darkness came the beast it was a green slime thing with two bulging eyes and massive teeth the size of great white sharks. Whenever the creature moved more of the green slimes came off and as for the screams well the monster also called the blob could copy any noise it wanted. When Lilly Ann could see the blob better she tried to make a run for it but was no use she couldn’t get out and was stuck with a green slimy, venomous , angry blob with no help what so ever.

“Hello little girl what are doing out so late” he said ” It’s none of your business to be honest and any way it only 9:00 in the morning.” Or so she thought. The blob had actually fast forwarded time to make it go faster and so he could kill Lilly Ann and eat her for tea. Lilly Ann once again tried to make a move but her got her right back and finally when she could no longer breathe after the blob squeezing her neck for 30 minutes she gave up the blob paralysed her and as soon as she died she was ate in 5 seconds flat. And her whole family had for gotten about Lilly Ann Waterson for ever.

The Haunting by Isobel E

The Haunting

Suddenly I felt scared the fire went out not a spark was still flickering a shadow
flew silently across the room and then the window BANGED shut. I quickly turned my head and nothing was there. Now I could taste my fear! I could smell burning coal even though the fire was now out. Voices were whispering while floorboards were creaking.

Without warning the hostel was now on fire as soon as I ran to the door it slammed shut now I was trapped. I eventually opened the door and ran for my life as soon as I was out of the burning hostel I saw some thing . It was the shadow that was in my room after the fire went out. It had deep dark black eyes that were staring at me . I couldn’t turn back now the hostel was still burning . I was puzzled I didn’t know what was going on. Should run should I stay ? My head was full of thoughts i felt like the mysterious thing could read my mind . I decided to run ,after few minutes there was a wall about 9 feet high . Had the mysterious person done this ? Why did he want me ? Eventually the figure came over to the wall he spoke a spell . Now I was flying in the air .

It said come with me . I hit the ground with a bump and anxiously followed the figure. The figure came to an end and stopped quickly. He had taken me to a pitch black hole deep in the ground . The man pushed me in but he just kept floating and he
did not Come to an end after 10 minutes had passed nothing happened.

After half an hour had passed i saw something was what looked like a bed the closer I got the bed came into sight and i landed in it . I was so tired by the time I got down there i went to sleep . I woke up and I was in my own bed it was all just a dream.

By Isobel E

Day three – exploring our surroundings

This morning we have explored our environment and created Piccollages explaining all of the different things that we could see.

The haunting by Ella S and Lyn.

The Haunting by Ella S and Lyn

I was in my room… Alone. All of a sudden, a shadow flew across my room. A shiver ran down my spine. Without warning, the alarm went off. My ears began to ring! How did this happen? How could it happen? I ran down into the courtyard. A few feet in front of me, I saw black eyes. Scared, I realised it was a trap!

Slowly, a shadow of a person approached me. This outline seemed familiar, but how? I backed off a bit but it came closer. As the skies got darker and darker, I became petrified! The shadow – that was scary – became even more familiar. It was not one shadow, but two! It looked like the two people who had the memory chairs.

I thought what could they want of me . I am one normal person so I could not work it out . I was too petrified to stay I ran to the moors , as well I nearly got ran over by the car that was zooming up . But they were right behind me . Until the marsh land . I sighed a sigh of relief. With out warning the marsh was going down then rising . What was going on ? It was them ! They were now talking . They screeched, “you can run but can’t hide!” .I was speechless for words . Then I thought be brave and asked what they wanted of me

They said “you can’t work it out. We think your life is amazing so we our trying to end
yours and live ours again . It does not have to be any one but we thought it would be nice to take yours ” I thought why in my head . It is like they know what i was thinking because they answered the question …

The ghost of Grinton by Ty

Silently lying in my bed, I could hear footsteps along the corridor. Two minutes
later, the footsteps were getting louder. So I ran outside in shock and slammed the door behind me. With speed I ran to the gloomy moors and hid behind the bush. I could smell the smoke from the fire. As I walked on the muddy moors, I could hear scream instantly I turned around and I could see a figure staring at me with inky black eyes quickly I ran back to the lodge.

When I ran it was following me everywhere, i had to cross the deepest rivers, that made the water come up to my knees so I was drenched and I hade to tumble through spiky thorns that made me bleed badly.

When I got back to the lodge I reached for the door and it suddenly appeared in an instant right up to my face…

Is it true that the ghost haunts Grinton?

The monster of the marsh by Devon

The monster of the marsh by Devon

As I trudged through the marsh, my feet squelched on op of the moss and muddy water. The wind howled and sent cold shivers down my spine. I smelled a decaying rabbit corpse hidden away in the tall thin grass.

I looked back to the lodge. I couldn’t see it so I figured I had walked quite some distance. I didn’t want to head back so I kept walking. Then, all of a sudden, a twig snapped. Then two. Then three. Whatever it was it was coming towards me! After that, the most unexpected thing happened. A herd of rabbits jumped out of the bushes to were injured.

I looked towards a bridge where there were pounding feet then a silhouette emerged and two red eyes stared at me. Its right front foot steps came forward and slowly it crept out from under the bridge? I see it clearly now it is a lizard looking creature with long legs it had a long tail and its head had two fangs sticking out its along its back were long spikes. It was as big as a wolf then it ran straight for me. I was paralysed with fright.

It jumped on me knocking me off my feet so I grabbed a log and whacked him with it. He backed of so I ran as fast as an Olympic sprinter. I saw the lodge coming up and I looked back. I regret doing that it was right there easily keeping pace and then …

… it pounced’

The secret of room G13 by Joshua R

The secret of room G13 by Joshua R

In a bedroom – G13 – there is creaking on the floor boards and the handle moves faster than lighting. No one likes the room because people who go in the room never came out. It was a special room because it had a clock, a bronze door handle, a marble fireplace and a huge mirror.

Joshua- an adventurous teenager- entered the room to see the wonders of it. It seemed to be nice until all the mirrors broke. He looked around then the books flew off the bookcase and before he had time to react the bathroom sink was flooding. He turned around to run out but the door the disappeared the shock made him walk backwards very slowly onto the red and yellow carpet then he heard a crack.

Dizzy, he fell down into a tunnel with water on the floor -which came from the pipes- at each side he walked forward into the tunnel after a minute. He heard something behind him he looked at the pipes -which were producing the noise – the bars on the pipes started to bend then a huge gorilla came out. It had fur that was whiter than snow. Its teeth were sharper than blades. Its mouth had blood around it and eyes that were dark blue. Joshua then realised what happened to the people that did not come out. There were human skeletons all over the ground.

He ran away. He tripped over a tripwire. The statues were all around a huge circular room two of the statues swords fell out landing on the ground breaking the tiles and blocking the entrance and exit. Joshua looked at the statues and figuring out how to get out of the room then suddenly the rocks blasted away from the exit and the rocks broke the statues. The ground shook. A flying jellyfish. It had psychic powers and it was light blue with no organs or no face. It’s zap was strong enough to kill someone the jellyfish zapped him he did not die but he crashed though the broken tiles down some where.

The Grinton ghost by Felicity, Neve and Katie

The Grinton Ghost by Felicity , Katie and Neve

On a dark and gloomy night in an old Youth hostel was a girl. The Youth hostel had open windows that were whistling in the wind. Also, the doors creaked as the wind blew. Outside it was very different from the calm atmosphere indoors.And the girl was starting to tremble wth fear, she was almost at the end of her bed trying to hide from the storm that was brewing outside.

When she walked into the room, the girl saw a creepy face in the mirror. Also she heard the howling of the wind in the background.The girl was so scared, she didn’t know what to do, so she just stood still.The girl saw what she thought was blood on the floor.She thought to her self who was that in the mirror. Tiptoeing she moved slowly so she wouldn’t wake anyone up while she made her way out of the building.

Breathing in the frosty air she could feel the cold biting at her nose. All of a sudden the face she once saw in the mirror was drifting closer. The girl felt petrified she couldn’t move for she sensed this was not a nightmare!

Was she going to make it out of this situation alive? A few seconds later, she thought to herself, should I run? Yes! She ran for her life, as she got closer to the door she ran even faster! Was she going to make it out of this situation alive!

The ghoul of F9 by Jay

The Ghoul of F9 by Jay

As I came into F10 I noticed that there was a cracked mirror. I heard the creaking of the bed above me. I felt that there was someone watching me from all sides of the bed. I smelt the freshness of the dormitory and I tasted my tea ( for some random reason ). I heard a groaning outside in the corridor. I spotted grass green eyes in between F12 and F13. In a few milliseconds the eyes were gone. Where had they gone? I thought to myself What if he left? What if he was a cannibal? What if he was behind me? What have I done? As I started my journey to go to the toilet, outside of it were¬†those familiar grass green eyes from before!!!! THIS was the ghoul of F9. As his glare crept slowly towards mine, he noticed that I was scared. Why could he sense my fears?. That was the question at hand. As he floated toward me, my slinky legs kept making me go slow. As he sped up so did I from a walk to a sprint. Soon we were eye level but I kept on sprinting helplessly. When I was near the lounge he had gone, but where to? As I entered the lounge, there he was¬†back, but this time he had company, lots of it too. When I got back up, their fire red and aqua blue eyes all staring at me. What was I going to do? Suddenly, without me knowing , one of the ghouls of F9 came closer and closer to me. So I started screaming help help help but there was no answer…

The mysterious creature by Caitlin

The mysterious creature by Caitlin

I’m awake In my bed and I hear the noises I heard on the Monday night. It couldn’t
have been the creature could it? I was wide awake now I should be getting to sleep but I can’t. It’s pitch black in my room and my friends are asleep. I could smell mud and tasted it too; it’s so gross! I felt my heart beating like a bass drum. As sly as a fox, I climbed down the ladder (which was wobbly and hard) to escape. I have got to be so quiet even though I’m not.

I put my wellies on and a jacket over my little pj’s ,which are so fleecy, and closed the door as quiet as a mouse. Dodging the teachers room, I went downstairs quite quick. Feeling scared, about to reach the moors, I put my hood up hoping I’m not going to be seen. My friends should stay asleep and keep quiet as possible or it will get them too. Shivering like I had just been in a bath of ice, I saw the shadow. I heard grumbling around me and I got slapped in the face. “Ouch!” I yelped forgetting to keep quiet. The silhouette turned around. I’m in for it now.” I said in a tiny squeaky old lady voice.

He turned around and showed his face. The creature -who is so scary and looks like he had terrible plastic surgery- turned around and glared. Everything was terrible about him. His wide mouth that’s like a bridge. His floppy hairy nose. His purple and blue wobbly teeth. His long ears with cannonballs. His eyes that look into your soul. His body so wide and fat with spikes on its back and knives on its fingers. They even had little guns on its toes. This has to be him. Step by step, he was coming to me like a zombie. My hairs are sticking up on my neck as he tries to cut my neck with his knives on their fingers. I dodged as rapidly as I could. His guns on his stinky, dirty feet fired but I jumped again.

As quick as the flash, I ran but he caught up (which is hardly possible since he is so fat and huge) but I made it to the lodge. As my heart thumped against my chest -that’s happening the second time- I heard him trying to get in. How can I stop this? Is this a dream? Will I survive? A few minutes later, I put things up against the door: a lamp , a table, a chair, some books, pillows and two suitcases. My friends woke up which was so bad. “Go back to sleep there is a monster out there!” I shrieked without thinking. They didn’t believe me but they helped anyway. The monster broke in and scared all of us. I suddenly went all pale and ill. As fast as I could I tried to find something like a weapon. As I almost reached something , a hand grabbed me. It was him. Before my friends could help me, he took me out the little, creaky door.

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The Demons by George and Cameron

The Demons by George and Cameron

I approached the building with fear, there it was. The red eyes staring me down they were as red as fire (I’m surprised the fire alarm didn’t go off ). Frightened I stepped into the darkness of Grinton Lodge. Whatever this creature is it grabbed me. As it dragged me its mouldy black hair rubbed against my face as it whispered “MY NAME GLOB”

Smiling at me, I saw an unspeakable face. The mouth opened and made me look at the blood filled mouth not only was there a blood all over the mouth there was fangs as sharp as a machete along with a scaly tongue. Globs mouth closed as I Broke out of his slimy grip (I’m assuming it’s a boy) blood splatters everywhere. I see more red,fiery eyes staring me down. The fire places went out…

As they approached me I noticed they all look the same. The closer they come the more that get exposed to my eyes so I saw their body and they just have a long stick with 2 golden legs covered in lots of blood….

Well at least i tried to, they are everywhere so I couldn’t . panicking I try to slide under their legs,failed. I attempt to jump them they … GROW. I’m surrounded time… begins to … STOP… I CAN’T THINK AT ALL…

The black beast by Jimmy

The black beast by Jimmy.

Loudly the clock struck midnight, and you wouldn’t be able to hear a thing. Dan got up and went to the toilet. He was terrified. Suddenly he heard ferocious growling. Swiftly he ran through the dormitory and woke up his friends (Bob and Jeff.) As he exited the dormitory he saw to blood curdling eyes with fur as black as the night and teeth like newly forged sharp swords. He turned around to tell his friends and they all looked but there was nothing there. Suddenly, he saw a black fury tail whip him but still he turned around to see nothing.

All of a sudden, he heard growling again. This time it was getting louder and louder and louder. Then he heard squelching he was standing in a pile of blood and there was the hairs of a creature next to it. Suddenly he heard a blood curdling howl he thought to him self is it going to kill me? What was it? There was nothing there or was there?

All of a sudden, it was there right in front of him. It looked like a were wolf. It had fur as dark as the night sky and teeth like newly forged swords and blood curdling red eyes. Dan was terrified.

Then the creature hurled it’s self forwards and sprinted after Dan. Dan ran up the stars with the beast on his tail. he had no where to go he knew this would end badly. There was only one way to go it was an open window he knew he had to jump. Without thinking he leaped out the window…

Locked in by Sophie and Courteney


On one gloomy day, two boys Sam (10) Charlie (9) were in their bedroom seeing the rest of the group looking into their window and running of to climb Creeper Mountain. Sam looked at Charlie he saw him freaking out and pulling on the handle he noticed it was locked. All of a sudden, the room turned foggy and the window continuously opened and closed with unclean air still trapped in room Charlie felt sweat running down his face! All out of the ordinary,they smelt burnt toast -the sign of a ghost- and then they started to taste the unclean air.

Suddenly, a black, dark and dull figure mysteriously sat on their white, dusty window sill. While swinging its legs back and forth it slowly disappears and leaves even more black smoke behind. In panic, they hear the wind howling and the trees rustling, twisting and shaking as they see each other in pure horror. All of a sudden, the beds started shaking and clanging. Clicks were all around the room and corridors and that is what set them of to a big panic Terror.

As Sam looked away, there was a big BANG the windows opened and the black figure was back again and it moves away from the window and dashes to the ceiling and and blood is dripping off it into Charlie and Sam’s head as they try to open the door one last time! Ghost screams “IF YOU COME INTO GRINTON YOU WILL NEVER COME OUT OF GRINTON!” As it hisses and showed its fangs.

The haunting ghost zoomed inside of Charlie. He went as pale as a fresh shampooed sheep’s wool. Sam backed up into the. Corner of the room. Charlie reached out his vain popped arms and brought in the walls. BOOM! Charlie had smashed down the walls with his strong force there were loads of stuff on the floor now such as: bricks, cement and random pieces of glass scattered. The demon/ Charlie thing turned towards Sam as he dropped to the floor in fear of him being hurt by Charlie. The demon slowly was walking towards him in the pitch black darkness…
Written by,
Sophie and Courteney

The curse of Grinton by James M

The curse of Grinton youth hostel by James M

Frightened, I arrived at Grinton youth hostel whilst hearing my own footsteps walk into sudden darkness. As I entered the dark, cold, damp common room, which was filled with dense leather and old chairs, I heard footsteps faintly becoming more and more clear. All of a sudden, I grabbed the poker-rusty and soot covered- and turned around with my weapon… I turned around and saw nothing but a spruce oak table (accidentally I hit it). Slowly I walked to the door ,that kept somehow banging like mad. Shaking, I kicked the door down and to my surprise nothing was there. Who or what is here? I closed my eyes in desperation and hoped it was all just a bad dream.


I opened my eyes to find myself in front of a manikin. I tried to let out a scream nothing came out. “You can’t run away you can’t hide” let out a really creepy voice. Suddenly, there goes a fist to my face. I woke up to find myself in a pitch black room, which had written in blood HELP. According to the owner of the hostel no-one ever came out of the room. The bell rang it was the manikin, which looked like he was holding a metal whip. Banging smacking and all types of violent sounds I heard. My feet were pushing me; they seemed to be controlling me. The noises such as: banging, smacking, screaming and hitting.

To be continued…..

The creature lurking within Grinton Lodge by Lydia D, Shannon and Brodie

The creature lurking within Grinton Lodge by Lydia D, Shannon and Brodie

Silently lying in my bed, I was just about to fall to sleep at 00:00 (midnight). Suddenly I heard a bell ring. I thought it was just Mrs Hemmings but was it? I crept down the wooden stairs and went into the lounge. Opening the door, to my surprise, nothing was there. It was pitch black but in the corner the amber fire was burning brightly in the darkness pushing the smoke closer to the rickety, oak door.”But who was ringing the bell then?” I whispered to myself.

Whoosh! The topaz fire went out and the room fell silent. Completely silent. As quick as a flash, a old,dusty,brown book got swept off the ancient bookshelf and fell on the red,velvet carpet. I noticed that there were a thousand letters scattered around the room. I turned around as quick as I could and two red,beady that matched the carpet eyes looked at me like I was dinner. I closed my eyes in desperation that it would go. However, to my surprise, it was behind me. I closed my eyes one last time and it disappeared like magic. For a minute I thought I was safe, then I heard a massive clatter in the kitchen. As soon as I heard it I nearly collapsed in shock. I rushed straight into the kitchen ( the room which was right next to me) and 5 chairs( which were silver and gold)were lying broken on the cold,stone tiles.A few minutes later, I heard banging from up stairs. I thought it was just someone’s foot steps but when I peered up there was nothing there. As fast as a cheetah, I sprinted to the drying room and hid beneath the pile of wet clothes.

When I thought everything was a clear, I ran upstairs in suspicion as I searched in the corridor. I saw dead children lying with ‘my’ clothes on. In fright, I ran to my room and my bed covers from home were shredded in to bits with bones inside. As I climbed up the ladders, I saw my roommate lying still was he asleep or dead? Suddenly, something squiggled under the carpet… I couldn’t move as I was frozen like ice. The lights flickered as the bulb burst into sparks…

I ran as fast as my legs could go, into the marsh I went it was wet and deep. Soon, I was in the middle of the forest in the dark! I tried to look at the distance I ran but I could see nothing. Just fog. Then, it was in my face looking at me furiously this was the end of me!

The Creepy by Lewis C, Cole and Adam

THE CREEPY WHITE FIGURE by Lewis C, Cole and Adam.

In a dark, gloomy forest about a year ago, Tyler, who was 10 years old, was shaking because of the coldness. He could just see the darkness, he could hear the bushes rattling. He felt petrified and he could smell manure far of in the distance, Tyler stood for a moment and glared.

He could see a white figure floating around the trees. Tyler couldn’t hear anything but the wind blowing. The wind, that was blowing violently, knocked him over. WHAT IF THE WHITE FIGURE CAME TOWARDS HIM? WHAT IF HE FELL OVER A TINY TWIG? WHAT IF HE RAN INTO AN MASSIVE TREE?

Tyler, who could clearly see the monster now, screamed ” it’s a ghost!” He shouted “OH NO!” It was coming to him with its bright red eyes while Tyler opened his wide mouth but. Noting came out. He panicked but that was the last thing He Wanted to do.

Tyler, who Thinks he is mentally disabled, ran away from the evil ghost. he needed to hide somewhere safe so that the creepy ghost couldn’t find him.Tyler’s heart almost bounced out of his pounding chest. It never stoped chasing him …

The Black Beast by Izaac

The BlackBeast by Izaac

As the clock stuck 12pm, a boy called Mark leaped out of bed. He tried to get back to
sleep… but something was wrong. He was going to the toilet ;because he thought that was why he couldn’t get to sleep.
A few moments later, he returned he heard a growl that sounded like it came from hell. Although he should of read the signs Mark ignored them! He was just down the corridor when he stopped, he realised he left his teddy in the toilets… again. He was turning around and he saw a tail as black as night wishing around the corner. Mark was trotting down the corridor until he realised that the floor was creaking even when he was not moving. He whirled around just in time to see a black missile hurtle into his chest. It was then he realised he had been tracked down by the black beast. They fought like two rival lions, eventually Mark hit the wolf right in the place where it hurt. This bought him some time but not much. Several thoughts raced through his head like: where should he run, should he call the police; no they would never believe him and should he fight. He was opening the door when he smelt its breath like rotten eggs . He just managed to open the door before it ripped him to shreds. He had no choice he had to run to the moors or he ,along with the rest of people staying in Grinton Lodge, would be killed and sent to hell to be doomed to eternal damnation.

Our morning at the lodge.

This morning, the children who remained at the lodge have explored their environment and though carefully about all of the different aspects of it. They have then created some eco-art in the style of Andy Goldsworthy. Here a few of the photos and our work from this morning’s session. Head over to Twitter, @TanfieldPrimary, to see some of the finished art. Check back later for some of our writing that we will be completing this afternoon.

Postcard home from Tyler C, Benjamin and Kane.

Dear family,
We got here safely. First, we looked at our rooms for all the week. Then, we went on a treacherous walk over the hills. When we set off, we were all excited but we then had a change of heart. It turned really tiring and we all got wet. We then collected rocks and looking for lead (it was really fun). After that, we got back to the youth hostel and went to our rooms to change so we were ready for delicious,mouthwatering tea( meatballs and chips plus beans and also jacket potato with beans as well, for desert, jam rollie pollie ). And now we are playing games in the lounge. We were playing snap with cards.

Lots of love from
Tyler C
Kane xx

Postcard home from Sarah and Kenzie

Dear family,
We have arrived at Grinton with only one stop.We got paired up and found our rooms (Which are incredible) then went on a walk and got very wet but that was only the beginning!Next, we came back and got different clothes on. Then, we played for a little time, then ate our tea. It was very delicious! We are now sitting in the garden room writing this postcard.

From Sarah and Kenzie.

PS.Don’t eat my chocolate.

Postcard home from Ollie, Emily and Amelia.

Dear family

We have been having the best time so far . First, we all got off the bus and we went inside and got ready in our rooms .All of our friends went on a big journey after our lunch .Then we set off and half way round we were drenched …
Soon we got introduced to our instructor and he led the way .Finally we got back but most of us were soaked .Our emotions went wild . As soon as we got back we got ready for tea but first we played games while we waited for our groups turn . Our emotions changed. Then we have written our post cards for you.

From Emily,Ollie,Amelia

Postcard home from Tamzin, Paige and Faye

Dear Family,

We have arrived at Grinton safely. We paired up in our pairs. Then we headed on a walk (some people groaned). our instructor (Stuart) showed us our way around. On our way we sang to keep us up. Everyone climbed up mountains over mountains and everyone got splashed off the river. We saw a lot of rabbit holes and rabbit droppings. We saw grouse (birds) in the heather. Safely we arrived at the hostel and had some tea and had dessert. Next, we are going to head up to our room, have a bedtime story and then go to bed.

Love Tamzin, Faye,Paige
ps. We all miss you, but we are having a nice time.